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Ofsted Report

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"The headteacher displays outstanding leadership qualities and has the drive, determination and ability to ensure the school always strives to improve the quality of education it provides for pupils."

"Pupils’ attitudes to learning, behaviour and their respect for others are outstanding and reflect the school’s excellent provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural education. Parents and carers hold very positive views about the school and agree with pupils when they say that they feel very safe and enjoy school.

"Leadership and management are good including the leadership of teaching and the management of the school’s performance. The headteacher provides the school with the drive and determination to ensure that all pupils are given equal opportunities to succeed. She works closely with her staff and effective governing body to ensure that the school regularly analyses its performance in order to improve its effectiveness."

Governors KS2 Performance Assurance Report

The governing body reviews academic performance across the school on an annual basis. We use a variety of measures to provide assurance that pupils are making expected or better progress.

Analysis in a small school is difficult, as natural variation in the academic profile of a year can skew our results, and we see this with our SATS results which vary considerably each year.

However, one of the great strengths of being a small school is that we have the opportunity to review individual pupil progress.

The attainment of every pupil is rigorously tracked across their time at Goodleigh - this is an essential part of the process of tailoring education to specific needs. This gives us the opportunity to question whether all pupils, regardless of SATS expectations, are making good or outstanding progress in their education.

Using SATS results to provide assurance on teacher assessment:

Although SATS results cannot be used reliably to assess attainment in a small school, they can be used to ensure that teacher assessments are in agreement with an external assessment - it is important that we can be assured that internal teacher assessment is robust.

We note that all pupils achieved a SATs result that had been predicted by internal teacher assessment.

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